Summer Camp Dates and Prices

We hope you'll join us for Summer Camp 2022!  Whether you're a returning camper or a first timer, we can't wait to welcome you to Holy Ground to play, worship and learn with us.  We offer camps for ages 0-99.  There's a place for YOU at the Christian Conference Center.

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Session Dates and Prices

Grand Camp

Session 1: June 25-26 

Directors: Kara Seaton and Emily Steeples


Session 2: July 16-17

Directors: Bob and Carol Mayfield


Children ages 4 through 2nd grade

Cost: $60 per person 

Family Camp

June 3-5

Directors: Robert and Molly Goodrich

Children ages 0-18 who are accompanied by an adult family member

Cost: $75 per person, $275 family maximum

(Children 3 and under free!)


June 5-7

Directors: Beth Campbell and Linda Hunsaker


Grades 2-3

Cost: $140

Junior Camp

Session 1: June 13-18

Directors: Gray and Rachel Fredericks

Session 2: July 11-16

Directors: Tony and Lisa Thurston

Session 3: August 1-6

Directors: Andrea Brownlee and Cathie Courtois


Grades 3-5

Cost: $280

Chi Rho Camp

Session 1: June 13-18

Directors: Tanner Hinders and Heather Santi-Brown

Session 2: June 20-25

Directors: Josh Baumberger and Robyn Bles

Session 3: July 11-16

Directors: Jessica Augustine and Joel Aurand

Grades 6-8

Cost: $280

CYF Camp

Session 1: June 20-25

Directors: Randy Ehrhardt and Katie Hainline

Session 2: July 18-23

Director: Jason Grow

Grades 9-12

Cost: $280

Adventure Camp

June 27 - July 2

Directors: Owen Cayton and Lori Krase-Cayton

Grades 6-12

Cost: $280


July 25-30

Directors: Deb Murphy and Mark MacWhorter

Grades 6-12

Cost: $280

Standing Rock Study Trip

June 6-12

Directors: Laurie Feille and Justin Carlson

Grades 9-12

Cost: $280

Senior Adult Retreat

September 19-21

Directors: Jerry and Linda Wolf


Ages 55+

Cost: $155

All grades indicate the grade to be completed in the 2021-2022 school year.  Age indicates the age at the time of the start of the event.

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