Parent/Guardian Information & FAQ's
(Answers to those questions the grown ups ask)

What about safety?

We take safety very seriously and consider protecting  your children our highest priority.  All of our full-time staff have been through extensive training and participate in professional development in their given fields.  Lifeguards are CPR and First Aid certified.  Policies and procedures are in place for fire, severe weather, and other emergencies.  All volunteers are required to go through a criminal background check, submit character references, as well as complete required trainings before camp.  All camper activities are supervised.  We feel that we do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our campers and our adult volunteers.

What do I bring to camp?

Sleeping bag or bedding and pillow, Comfort object if needed for younger campers, Casual clothes for each day of camp, One pair of closed toe shoes, One outfit that can get dirty during a service project, PJ's, Rain jacket or poncho, Swim towel and sandals, Bath towel, wash cloth, and toiletries, Bug spray, Sun block, Bible, Journal/Pen or pencil.  Finally, we discourage electronics coming to camp.  Younger campers are asked to leave cell phones at home.


Please note - our list is just a starter list.  Campers will also receive a packing list from their event director which may contain 1 or 2 items not listed here.  Director letters are mailed out about 2 weeks before your session.  

Can I contact my child while they're at camp?

The short answer is, "We prefer that you don't."  We find that it's hard for campers to fully engage in camp if they are hearing from home.  Homesickness, especially with younger kids, actually gets better the less they talk to someone from home.  That being said, if you have an extenuating circumstance and need to contact your child, please call the camp office and we will arrange a time when they can talk with you.  If it is an emergency and you need to reach your child, please call the camp office at 641-792-1266 and we will reach them ASAP.

Can my child bring their phone to camp?

For the reasons mentioned above, we discourage campers from bringing phones or other electronic devices with them to camp.  Not only is there a risk of items getting lost or broken, we find that they distract campers from the camp experience.  Middle school and high school campers are allowed to use their phones at free time only, and elementary school campers are not allowed to use mobile devices.

How do I register?

1.  Online by clicking on the link below

2.  Download a form and mail it to the Christian Conference Center (link below)

3.  If you're affiliated with a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation, register through your church office.

What about payment?

Payment is due at the time of registration.  Don't forget to ask if your church offers scholarships for camp.  Many congregations help with part or all of a camper's fee.  The Christian Conference Center also offers scholarships if needed.  Contact us via our contact form below to ask about scholarships.

What is your refund policy?

If a camper cannot attend their scheduled camp and can’t switch to another event, we are happy to refund their registration fee (-$15 processing fee).  We do not refund fees for campers who simply do not show up for camp as food and supplies have already been purchased by the time the event begins.  

What about emergencies?

If you need to reach your camper while they're away, just call our camp office at 641-792-1266.  If no one answers, an on call mobile number will be provided on our voicemail system.​

I have more questions.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to call our camp office at 641-792-1266 between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm M-F.  If those times don't work for you, please leave us a message and we'll schedule an appointment to talk with you.  We are here to help!  

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The CCC's Covid Guidelines for the 2022 Summer Season

The Christian Conference Center has worked hard to plan for the safety of campers, volunteers and staff since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have relied on guidance from the Center for Disease Control and the American Camping Association along the way.  We have made the following determinations about Covid-19 protocols for the 2022 camping season.  (We reserve the right to amend these protocols if transmission increases drastically in the state of Iowa.)

  • Current CDC and American Camping Association guidance states that camps should follow K-12 education guidelines, which currently recommend masks in areas of high transmission only.

  • Masks will not be required unless transmission rates in the state of Iowa increase dramatically.  Campers would be notified in writing before their session if masks become required.  

  • Regardless of whether or not campers choose to wear a mask, they will be welcomed and loved unconditionally by volunteers and staff.

  • Outdoor spaces will be used as much as possible for small group Bible studies, games, and large group gatherings.  

  • We recommend that all volunteers and campers are vaccinated before camp.  (The CCC staff members have all received their vaccinations and are ready to serve you.)

  • We recommend that campers and volunteers get tested for Covid-19 before their camp session.

  • Campers, staff and volunteers will be encouraged to practice good hygiene and self-monitor for symptoms of illness, both at camp and after they return home.

  • Campers and volunteers who are immunocompromised, or live with someone who is, may request to be placed in a group with other campers and volunteers who are fully vaccinated.

  • Rapid tests will be on site in case of illness.