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Winter Youth Retreats
2022-2023 School Year

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Here's just a glimpse into what happens at our winter youth retreats at the CCC...


There will be large group games, worship, great music, family group discussions, campfires (weather permitting), and more.  Come explore our beautiful camp and have a weekend away from your busy school schedule.  If there is snow, bring a sled along and we'll do some sledding during free time!


Retreats are a great break from the hectic pace of the school year.  They are also a good introduction for new campers to our camping ministry.  If you're thinking about attending summer camp (or inviting a friend), a retreat may be the place to start!

Some more details:  Each retreat costs $75 per person (churches are asked to send one adult chaperone per group and those adults attend for free).  Chi Rho and CYF Retreats were held in November.  Junior Retreat (grades 3-5) will be held February 10-12, 2023.  We hope to see you there!


If you don't have an adult from your church who can attend, please call Tiff at the camp at 641-792-1266 and we will try to help find a volunteer from another congregation to sponsor your group.  Drivers who are bringing campers from long distances may stay in the Main Lodge of the CCC free of charge.

Sample Schedule for a Retreat...


7-8:00 Registration

8:00 pm Welcome and introductions

9:00 Family Groups 

9:45 Worship

10:30 Back to cabins

11:15 Lights Out

(earlier bed time for younger kids)



7:00 Wake up!

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Morning Watch

9:00 Energizers, singing, keynote

9:45 Family Group

11:00 Choices 1.0

Crafts, group games, gaga ball, porch rap, service project, etc.

11:45 Break

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Free Time

2:30 Singing and Keynote

2:45 Family Group

4:00 Large Group Games

4:30 Choices 2.0

5:30 Break

6:00 Supper

7:00 Evening Activity

9:00 Snack

9:30 Worship

10:30 Back to cabins

11:00 Lights out

(earlier bed time for younger kids)



7:30 Wake up, start packing up

8:30 Breakfast and evaluations

9:00 Morning watch

9:15 Family groups

10:00 Closing Worship

11:00 Goodbye!

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